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Economic incentives in Israel for men to become transgender

At last men in Israel DO receive something in return for their taxes. However, They are not really men anymore when they do.

At last men in Israel DO receive something in return for their taxes. However, They are not really men anymore when they do. Men have to castrate themselves if they dont want to starve and the crumbs left from their forcefully stolen taxes.

The Israeli social security grants a disability pension to every male identifying as a transgender. It takes on average 2 medical examinations by the Israeli social security’s doctors to value your level of Transexuality, after which the qualified faggot gets free government money. An Israeli transgender testified its true in an Israeli facebook show called “online TV”.

video: taken from “Online TV”s youtube channel.

It seems that the Israeli social security is acquired with the understanding that men don’t just wake up one day and decide to maul their bodies out of boredom. It takes a lot of rejection, loneliness and deprivation for the average Israeli incel to deteriorate into identifying as a female.

Its not clear who came first, the chicken or the egg. I cannot know for a fact whether the Israeli social security has called for this policy because of a reality where these poor men have lost their ability to work, or if its actually another trick of the Israeli “deep state” to further destroy the Jewish family unit, by giving such financial incentives to Jewish men.

Be it as it may, the reality today is that transgenders get free Israeli mens’ taxpayer money, in addition to the gargantuan taxmoney deadweight that former cock carouseller single moms already impose.

taken from “” – this website explains the process a transgender has to take in order to receive a pension.

As explained in the website “kolzchut”, the system recognizes transgenderism as a mental illness, premising that there are only two genders. Specifically, this means that the psychiatrists involved in advising this law still view that being transgender is a deviation from healthy human behavior.

This creates a situation where theoretically, anyone who declares identifying as a woman can get free tax shekels, and have to work less than the men who identify as straight. Frankly, its a pretty tempting incentive, considering that Israeli working conditions are almost the same as slavery.

But what will happen when there are too many “faggots”? (this is how the transgender in the video calls himself proudly, so apparently nobody should be offended by such adjectives). what happens when faggotry becomes the new norm in Israel, statistically speaking?

Well, if we even manage to get there without being occupied first by the surrounding blood thirsty enemies we have all around us, the Israeli social security will have to make some cuts. The word “psychiatric illness” implies a deviation from what is considered the normal state of mind of people in a society. And if most men become transexuals, the straight men will be considered the deviating ones.

And indeed, we see this happen in many feminist countries where faggotry has become a massive toll on their social security fund. The governments work hard to save this money by simply normalizing transgenderism.

source: .according to the map, gayest countries (dark pink) allow changing your gender in ID.

In order to save up money, governments around the world declare transgenderism as a normal thing. There are so many abused men who regret ever being born male, that governments just don’t have enough money to fund them all. Which is probably why many countries allow changing your gender in ID these days, many times requiring first that you surgically cut off your manhood.

Its not clear how long this situation will last before the budgets run low. But for now, its important to take in consideration that in many cases simply declaring yourself a dysphoric faggot(or however it is clinically named) makes you entitled to free money. The only requirement is to prove that you went through hormonal treatments or literally cut off your penis. However, that can be faked.

I personally believe there is a sinister interest here of adverse foreign governments, trying to destabilize whatever that’s still left of the family unit. Causing an identity dysphoria among the society by giving financial benefits to transgenders can exacerbate people convincing each other to become faggots. This is what the Rabbis have been warning us from all along: the Amalekites mentioned in the Torah returning to seduce us Israelites into homosexual sins.

Be it truly a conspiracy or an organic social problem, its still very financially attractive today for many people in Israel to go declare yourself a transexual. Why not take back some of your hard earned taxes, that would otherwise go to bastard breeders?

Particularly these days, when most of Feministan’s women live off social security and we are forced to provide for all those anonymous Jewish single moms out there. It might be very wise to declare yourself a transgender in Israel if you wish to avoid providing for Ibrahim’s and Abdalla’s babies that the traitor Jewish females have spawned en masse.

Therefore even I, your everyday common screwed over Israeli taxpayer male, that is treated as a bag of garbage by Israeli women. I too consider declaring myself a faggot in the social security office, like “Meshi Kazaz” (the fag in the video) did. Maybe I should quit my job and get that “fag certificate”- without sucking some dicks of course. Being gay is illegal according to our holy Torah.

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