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No one left to defend to “strong and independent” Jewish females from the Arab slaughters

This lack of defense was sealed ever since Jewish women started rebelling and protesting their rights to sleep with neighbouring countries' males. As time passed by, Jewish men saw less and less reason to keep defending Israel and being a patriot.

Jewish women have been having a great laugh at us for years now. They were giving sex to the Arab enemies that have been killing us in wars, divorce raping us, not keeping virginity for husbands. They have been sleeping with Goyim in every possible opportunity while denying Israeli Jewish men, but now the chickens come home to roost.

There has been for a few decades now a culture in Feministan where women are allowed everything, and men allowed nothing. Not only in the sense of government rights, but it has also been considered an appropriate social to norm to deny men everything they really want. A great example for this is how rabbis are always eager to call out Jewish men for masturbation without presenting any real alternative. It causes a mental castration of Israeli Jewish men, since they have no outlet for emotional feminine support sex and love, a basic need for human male survival.

Israeli Boomers, Rabbis and females have been imposing a cascade of restraints on Israeli Jewish men for decades now, since childhood: “how dare you show chutzpa to women”, “Thou shalt not fap”, “Don’t go here”, “Don’t go there”, “Be a good boy”, “Be polite”. All of the social and legal limitations that have ever been enforced in Israel has been directed at men in order to castrate them and prevent them from fulfilling their virility. Consequently, no strong Jewish male figures are left here to lead the people to victory and defend the evil Israeli Jewish wahmen.

Its ridiculous how the Jewish cluster of Boomers, Rabbis and females neglect the fact that we are a small country surrounded by hungry wolves lusting to devour us. But now that even the supposedly “peaceful” Arab Goy citizens have revolted against Israel openly in Lod, Ramleh and the Negev, we see many cases of insolent Jewish females crying that no one is there to defend them anymore. We get reports about all kinds of different hoes who have been willingly denying Jewish nice guys and sexually servicing Arab Goyims, suddenly crying out “There is no real men left to defend me, all Israeli men are cucks!”.

source: facebook, “artzi katav plili”. a Jewish woman admitting shamelessly that she has been having sex with Arab (our enemies).

The average Israeli man today stays a single lonely virgin throughout the whole time he serves in the army to defend his country up to his late 30’s. The family institution has been ruined by the treacherous Jewish females and Israeli men don’t have time to pursue women because of the inflation and lack of time. Therefore most nice guys in Israhell stay lonely and either focus on their career or become hikkikomori in their parents’ 1BR1BTH apartment, occasionally cooming on pron. These men are incapable of defending anything, and Israhell’s walls stand unguarded.

The Jewish women of Israel have completely betrayed the family institution, the completely mock the idea of emotionally and sexually supporting their men and they take for granted the freedom and security that previous generation have secured. Instead, Jewish females today in Israel use every opportunity possible to sleep with Goyims, usually in plain sight for Jewish men to see, and they walk hand in hand naked in the street with their Goyim boyfriend to frustrate and mentally break the Jewish men they have denied. This has been going on for a few decades now, and Jewish men are extremely weak and unable to defend Israel anymore.

Here in the video below is a great example. It is filmed by an Israeli Jewish woman who has been living in “coexistant multiculturalism” in Lod with Arabs, probably also had Muslim fuckbuddies while denying Jewish men (as most Jewish females do today). She witnesses the army of virile Arabs conquering her country from within – the same army that she has helped build by sexually and emotionally supporting Arab Goyim (instead of Jewish men) since young age. And her reply to that is getting mad at Jewish men instead: “You guys are cucks why can’t you defend me?? where have all the good men gone to???”. Amusingly her Arab boyfriends throw stones at her for waving Feministan’s flag. These bitches think we (Jewish men) are going to willingly defend her country, LOL.

source: “nili 21” . Lod being conquered, 2021

Today, these females are married to the government and the system, instead of their Jewish brothers. Therefore its not surprising that the Israeli state has supposedly “betrayed” them: There really is no such thing as a ‘state’, since that is a lifeless institution lead by whoever controlls it. And its not us Jewish men who control it anymore. The young Israeli generation of men are completely disgusted by the treacherous unfaithful Israeli Jewish women and their nanny government, the same government which they have been using as a weapon to break us pschologically and financially for decades. Therefore no strong and virile Israeli Jewish men are willing to defend Feministan anymore.

Jewish wahmen have been using the Israhelli government to proceed abhorrent laws such as prostitution ban, LGBT rights (so that more Jewish men are gay and they can have more sex with Goyim), ‘rights’ that permit them to walk around naked in the street while cuddling with terrorists who have been murdering Jews, and Jewish women have even been promoting rights of Islamist terrorists who have already murdered Jewish women. Naturally, most Jewish men have dropped out of this system and are unwilling to defend the traitor Israeli women anymore and the system which our fathers built and Jewish Israeli wahmen destroyed.

These are actually very amusing times now, because all these wamen who have been committing hypergamous crimes, divorcing their husbands, demanding 1.90m’+ height on social media and sleeping with Goyim, are now dealing with the consequences of their actions. I’m sure there are many literal Jewish cucks who still try to defend the Jewish hoes, but these are usually the pathetic simps who are unable to lead anything and are always in constant battle among themselves to impress the slutty Jewish women (while thes Jew woman usually chooses to have sex with some Goy and absolutely denies all the Jew simps trying to impress her). All of the “Nice Jewish guys” with high IQ and a strong moral compass have either dropped out or became transexual as a coping mechanism with the Jewish woman’s mental terror, and therefore no one strong and smart enough is left to lead and save these Hoes and secure Israel (G_d forbid) for the next generations these Jewish hoes might breed with their Gentile mamzerim(=bastards).

Realistically, the war should have ended years ago. The Palestinians and the Israeli Arabs have way better life than Jews in Israel: more land, more money, more rights, and they even have more sex since Israeli women deny Jewish men and have sex only with Goyims. But Goyim mentality is such, that when they see a weaker people they conquer them, and therefore by weakening their brothers the Jewish females of Israel have brought on our heads all the wars of the past 20 years. Its generally unnatural for men to want to defend their tribe when the wamen are having ultra-hypergamous orgies and are unfaithful divorce-money thirsty promiscuous beasts. There is no logical reason for your average Israeli Jewish guy to defend anyone or take a stance, when he grows up seeing girls of his age having sex with Baby Boomers, walking hand in hand with Muslim terrorists who beat him up occasionally in the street for no reason, and usually these Israeli Nice Guys end up alone and denied until age 35.

source: . Israeli Jewish woman website where they discuss their sexual experences with Goyim and encouraging each other to do more of it and deny Jewish men even more.

I personally think there is no reason to serve in the army nowadays, and anyone who does so is a chamor (=ass). There is also no reason to win the war, because with such traitor Jewish sisters its better to become a soap like in the Shoah. The only thing that awaits Jewish men in case the war is won is the same piece of shit life without dignity, where Israeli Jew guys are forced by the government to financially support Jewish traitor women while they are having crazy orgies with Gentiles. And whenever these Jewish sluts finish wasting their youth on Chad and Tyrone, the corrupt Rabbinic court always favors the female and disregards all the Halacha rules that are supposed to defend the Jewish man in a marriage. Eventually Jewish men are forced to pay alimony and child support while sleeping in the cold street even when they do listen to Rabbis and “cuck up” to marry an Israeli “hozeret betshuva” woman who is “ready for marriage” at 35.

Its very funny to see all the single mom bastard breeders in Facebook whining about the economic and war situation : “WHERE HAVE ALL THE REAL MEN GONE??? WHY ARE EVERYONE HERE KOKSINELIM(=homos) AND WHY ARE YOU JEWISH MEN NOT DEFENDING YOUR COUNTRY ANYMORE??? WHY DON’T YOU MAN UP AND DEFEND MY MAMZERIM!!!!” . None of these hoes even begin to consider to maybe stop financially abusing the guy they abandoned by forcing him to pay child support for Goy Abdallah’s kid, or maybe start dating guys who are 1.65meters and not only 1.90meters. The only thing that will probably fix this abhorrent immoral phenomena of these leeches is if they perish in war, hopefully.

source: “Full Metal Jacket”,1987. Israeli Jewish single mom bastard breeder requires you become a cannon fodder to defend her Egyptian lovers child,whom she also gave her virginity to. Thanks Jewish traitor woman, but I will pass.

This world is the realm of action, and G_d has brought has here to make this world better, work, and fulfill the commandments. There is no “free stuff” in this world, and if Rabbis support Feminism and empower women on the behalf of men, they can also go defend themselves. If Rabbis think that Jewish men don’t deserve “shidduch” from an early age with a young girl, and since they perpetuate the phenomena where Jewish girls deem it acceptable to spend their youth on themselves in clubs and Gentile sex parties, instead of using their youth to make their husbands flourish – they also go defend themselves together with their corrupt Rabbinic class that supports them in everything and sends men off to a child support slavery worse than Egypt.

Israeli traitor Jewish women today think that security and infrastructure of Israel was easy to obtain, and they take everything we gave them for granted. Our Jewish fathers and grandfathers have been working their asses off behind the scenes (no dear Goyim, its not “bottom dollar welfare”. those monies are probably streamed into the gas giants and their conspiracies in middle east, along some NWO plans). The religious Zionsts men like me have been contributing their lives and dying in order to build Israel for the next generations, behind the scenes, while crediting G_d for all the results, with 0 ego. Yet these Jewish bitches today dare choose boyfriends according to height and status, they divorce whenever the slightest argument comes up, and then live off of your hard earned money until you stave to death in the street and policemen kick you. Meanwhile you also hear news of her fucking around with her Arab exes from childhood while you are forced to pay child support. All of this justifies not defending Israhell in the war and just watching everybody getting murdered while enjoying.

credit: “maariv” news site. 73rd Independence day of Israel (2021) counted the least Jewish men EVER willing to serve in the Israeli army, proportional to total population.

As you can see, with each passing generation less and less Jewish men are willing to stand up and defend Feministan, in comparison to the first Zionists (back when it was really Israel and not Feminsitan). Its become quite absurd, since many leeches sucking off the blood of the Jewish young men (eg Boomers and single moms) have spread conspiracy theories stating that Zionism is a plan to destroy the Jewish people and kill them off. In reality, they have betrayed their Zionists forefathers and the Torah by supporting Feminazism and harassing Jewish men mentally financially and sexually. They have sinned in hypergamous crimes against humanity, hurt the dignity of the family institution and have decided to become parasites living off social security, that we young men have to pay heavily with our blood. And we are forced to pay it even when these bitches have orgies with sworn enemies of the Jewish people, in daylight in the street (literally).

I don’t blame any Jewish guys who prefer to be hanged for desertion rather than defending Israhell, because this country is hell for Jewish men. Life for Israelite men here has been worse than death, while Jewish women live luxuriously and have lots of sex with Goyim. Fuck this shit. If you are a Jewish guy living in Israhell and you didn’t get a shidduch with a 14-18 year old virgin when you are young and poor, its not worth defending Israhell anymore. Why would anymore defend a state whose only purpose is cucking you?

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