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check out this amazing website called “NPNW”

a new breakthrough website has emerged in the web telling men which jobs may god forbid make womens life better. mgtow israel applauds.

Men check out this website:

It is ingenious. MGTOW israel considers the same thing for Israeli men: as soon as we take away the freedom, prosperity and safety that we are forced to provide for boomers and slut breeders, the better.

We must not provide peace anymore, and actually let the foes do their job and annihilate our traitor sisters and brothers. I guess for white folk its the same, considering how defective they have become: But Jewish women have been acting way worse for their male version (ie Jewish men) ever since western culture seeped in. These wahmen and their traitor parents who have stopped forcing arranged marriages for their virgin daughters (instead they send them off to slut away and reject nice guys) and still think that they deserve us nice beta males to provide prosperity and peace for them!

I would like to share with every Goy in the world that Israel is free for bounty in my view. Come, conquer, rape, do whatever you like – I dont care. and many men like me think the same here, especially Ashkenazi Jews who have been betrayed by their Sephardic and Mizrahi “brothers”: these traitors have been whoring out and stealing Ashkenazi women for decades now, while lying that “its all Ashkenazim fault because they marry Goy wamen”. However the truth is, that Sephardic rabbis have been preaching for decades now to hate Ashkenazi Jews and wage demographic war against them while banning proper virgin Sephardic and Mizrahi wahmen from marrying Ashkenazi men: thus Ashkenazi men are mostly left alone and forced to marry outside their race.

Although by now there are also Mizrahi and Sephardic victims to this whole demographic cataclysm: the promiscuity also seeped into their culture as they were doing every sexually racial crime against Ashkenazi Jew possible and trying to convice Ashkenazi women that its okay to be promiscuous and marry without their fathers’ permission or even give out virginity behind his back. Thus when they would marry these women, even though the family name stayed Mizrahi/Sephardic and the Ashkenazi women was taken as a “war bride” (their war against Ashkenazim), the children would inherit from their mom the lies told by their father in order to seduce her, and become promiscuous little sluts and incel cucks.

This racial war is very similar to what has been going on in the USA, where whites were bringing in everyone from the world and hoping they would be fair and not wage demographic/cultural war against them: same as Ashkenazim Jews who brought in every Jew from the world to Israel: now its our time to stop sacrificing and spilling our blood for this country which was conquered by unfair people from other races.

Actually, the website above does not mention almost anything about what i said above. It is not racist, it doesnt mention it in any way, but I still mention these things because what i noticed mostly in the MGTOW community is that its whites who participate. Im sure there are other races as well who were hurt by the promiscuous culture brought by western world, but lets be honest: this culture was created by weakened white western men as a result of other races breaking into their territory and stealing their women. And therefore they would try as years go by to portrait their weakness and inceldom as a “philosophy” while in truth there were less and less women for decent white folk as years went by, and that made them mentally unstable to the point of even considering homosexuality.

Im sure this applies to other races as well, such as Indians who are still very submissive calling other races “sir” and asians whose women mostly date out of race, but then again, I got a feeling that the website I recommend in this post was created by white folk. And since Israel is also a country founded by Ashkenazi Jews who were betrayed by Jews of other races, I thought it important to mention: not because I hate other races, but because of what is to come when we stop providing peace and prosperity:

As countries like US and Israel become poorer and less secure because of us men stopping to provide value, we will see a rise of other nations stealing women and killing off the founding men’s offspring (us and our traitor-liberal community fellow). Same as whats happening in France now, where Arabs are stealing white women and beating up and burning white mens’ property (formerly white men’s, because now its Arabs’ property which has been conquered by them). Well, this all isnt new because it has been happening until now but “PEACEFULLY” under the supervision of police/fireforce/etc for white folk by black men, and for Ashkenazi folk by Mizrahi/Sephardic men.

Its been ages now since our women were being stolen and we mocked at being “cucks” and “incels” even though we bring the most value into the country, and therefore its better if we stop contributing: this way the rapes, women theft and violence will have to happen in a more abrupt and violent way because police and courts will not be there to supervise those things and make them so slowly painfully effective. Im sure they will continue to exist, but will be mostly conquered by the enemies who have weakened our men (each nation to which this has been happening) and it could also be very helpful to anyway wipe out the liberal cuck parents who let their daughters whore out instead of forcing them virgins into arranged marriages with men of their own community/race/culture.

Trying to not be “racist” hasnt worked out as we saw in the last century, because women ARE racist in the dating choices. Women ARE racist especially when the neighbouring community of other race is much richer than yours, and would prefer your enemies EVEN IF their prosperity comes out of your pocket by THEFT. therefore, stop being patriotic guys.

Lets let it all crumble. STOP working in firefighting, STOP being policemen. LET enemies take the key positions and let the community feel the impact of corruption and poverty.

Im not saying this will save us for sure, but it may. and we have no other choice anyway, because its OUR OWN people who have betrayed us, NONE ELSE. We men have been betrayed by neighbours of our own race/culture/and religion who let their daughters “date” instead of arranging a marriage for her with a nice guy wether he is rich or poor. Prosperity may come only later in life, but having a virgin faithful wife since young age should not depend on that: it should be your own right as a member of a community if it still wants to survive. And if the community does not want to survive, you MUST NOT protect it as it spits on you.

So in conclusion men, just dont work in anything that helps society. Be proud parasites!! But if your community does take care of its men and gives you young men 16 year old virgins at the start of path? then sure of course you can apply to any of the unrecommended jobs from the list. Its our job to make sure a community exists first, before enslaving ourselves and helping to protect it!

and one more point worth mentioning: a family’s lineage is traditionally being passed by a father’s family name. Therefore if a man of one race takes a woman of another, the family lineage is still the father’s. This is what we see in marriages also: a woman traditionally always takes the husband’s family name. Therefore, for people who dont care so mcuh about “racial purity” (it really doesnt make sense at this point after the whole global orgy which has been going on), well not everything is lost for you: if your name is Japanese for example but you look like other race, it just probably means that your father was Japanese who stole a woman from other community. Its a safer bet to view yourself as a Japanese in this case because that is your family lineage. You may be considered somewhat a “bastard”, but I people like this are usually globalistic liberals so I dont think they are even worth receiving my pity.

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