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No money? Sell your daughter

many dads today betray their community by letting their virgin daughter work/study instead of selling her to a nice groom.

A woman’s responsibility is to take care of men in her own community, I think it should be pretty clear by now. The method of letting her “date”( basically to be a sexual slave to most promiscuous men with most abundance of money, women and experience of how to seduce) is obsolete and is just creating more and more lonely men who will not contribute back to community. This is why today forcing an arranged marriage upon your daughter means more than just selling her to a good member of the community, but also a moral obligation of each father who wants to stay a member of the community and not be kicked out.

When you sell your virgin female kid, you basically sell her for a “ktubah” (i dont know how it works in christianity but i guess they have similar equivalents). The “ktubah” bill can be even 100 ILS, and in fact, the cheaper it is the better because it make the community stronger making it possible for young men to marry as well. Fathers who do not sell their daughter for an accessible price to a member of their own community are just betraying all their neighbours, and should be banned and shunned completely.

Today more than ever it is important to stay together as a community in order to survive: cook your own food, keep silent whenever the corrupt police officers come sniffing around, and resisting forced vaxxinations. Therefore, it is also way more valuable to have the permission of staying inside this community for men who want to survive the NWO and the ongoing war against rival tribes (muslims and blacks mostly). Therefore, each man who is a burden rather than a benefit to the tribe MUST be cast out without any easy way of coming back.

Now guys this war is different than most wars by far, because it is a slow and exhausting one. This war is not going to be won by replacing your own men with other stray ones who happen to have money and resources: In fact, by giving a woman of your own tribal Jewish community to an outside you are actually leaking money OUT of the communitie’s pocket in the long run: the young men who are left alone and see their women taken away by outsiders will just stop contributing and will be weakened. In the long run this means less cooperation, less results in life for these men as a results of loneliness weakening them, and in the end most of them will just betray the community same as it betrayed them when they were young and lonely.

Therefore, basically, by giving women out to the world you are DESTROYING the community and betraying it. A father who marries his daughter to someone else while young men in the vicinity of the synagogue are lonely and cant even manage to pray 3 times a day as a result – should be cast out. There is no time for games anymore in this regard, and letting your daughter “date” or go to the “shadhanit” to meet dudes who she will screw behind your back is a BETRAYAL ON YOUR SIDE AS A FATHER, a betrayal commited upon the whole community, which you will pay for. This is also how many old traitors end up in “Beit Avot” at old age where they are being tortured by Goy workers who beat them up and shove porridge spoon so hard into their mouth that their teeth break (while decent folk who sold their daughter cheaply to a male neighbour are being taken care of at home by their grandkids and members of community).

As a dad you actually have a moral obligation to sell your virgin daughter cheaply to a NICE GUY, and preferably a poor and young one because an enslaved virgin woman is usually an ASSET that these young men require in order to build themselves and generate money in the future.

It is a great chutzpah on fathers’ side today to cry that they “dont have money to feed the kids” while at home they have a 14 year old virgin daughter that they could sell: a young nice guy would just feed her for his money, instead of giving away money to these parasites fathers who keep their daughters for themselves and even ask the community for unfair money to feed these parasite useless virgins who grow up to be old shiksah who have a list of “requirements” for their groom while they themselves are old used up slut 23 year old with 8 years experience of “dating” and having sex with the same bullies who tortured nice guys.

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