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The only political way out of feminism is mass murder

The world cannot afford to try solve feminism by politics, because women only vote for either violence/betrayal of their own and never know the middle line.

Today whether the government is leftist or right is irrelevant: it is in its essence a Feminazi fascist regime against men. The true democracies never gave voting rights to women and to slaves, only to men of rights and of same nationality and ethnicity within the country. And this is why by default this system is Feminazi Ghetto for destuction of its founding men while our immoral sisters and mothers screw with out enemies on top of our corpses and getting off watching them kill us. Trying to negotiate with the Feminazi State will just result in the cooperating bastard wahmen sending us off to war as a “shit test” to see who will survive and then maybe have a little bit sex with those few who come back. In other words, trying to politically solve the feminist problem will just lead to mass murder of us and of the people they send us to fight as a “shit test”.

The fact that immigrants,outsiders, women, and vaxxinated slaves have voting rights today is the main cause that the country does not function as it should. Even if the law was right, men are wired to want to care only for their own tribe while women are wired to actually betray their tribe and to sexually satisfy the rival and menacing tribes who are threatening your own (which is why they should be closed up in cages at their husbands’ homes). Therefore it doesnt matter if law gets better or worse: a country that gives women voting rights and pretends after to be a “decmocracy” is a failed project that will only cause a Shoah to the ethnic people living in it.

Germany in the 1930’s tried to fix this deeply rooted issue by using womens votes, and of course, the only way to seduce women to actually not betray their own kind is to be a violent bully. Its same like bullies at school who beat up good kind boys in order to impress the wahmen and get their attention. Any other way to try get German women to not betray their own kind would just make them even more “Socialistic” and running off with hostile men of other races, causing even more loneliness to German men and the destruction of communities.

Today we cannot afford to convince wahmen this way. These filthy females dont have any logic, have become extremely immoral, and must be deleted from the face of earth. They must pass away, give away their power and disappear so that moral women and men reproduce and take over. However, weapons today are too strong and we cannot afford a WW3, therefore the only war we can reasonably engage in is a demographic war against the immoral bastard breeders who reproduce Tyrone’s sperm and live off social security to raise his bastard offspring.

Trying to solve anything politically will not work because wahmen wont listen, and they would vote ONLY IF YOU PREACH FOR MASS MURDER. The only way out of this situation without mass extinction of even more tens of millions of ethnic western people is by marrying up virgin girls to nice beta guys without involving the government.

This means only involving yourself with political community leaders who dont have any business with the goverment. It also means not being afraid to risk going to jail and seeing jail time as a price for a certain action that sometimes must be taken. Realize: the government is not our friend, its not someone to negotiate with, and trying to solve anything by fixing government will never work if you dont take personal action as a community to restrain the dumb females.

Hitler could have stopped at where he was when he fixed the economy, but he was actually run by the masses of female voters. Trying to invade the whole world is dumb and unnecessary and even childish, and yet he did that because his female voters are also irrational. Its the same as the school bullies who get into that role very hard in order to earn the immoral females’ respect, and then they just cant stop until they become drug addict street junkie because theyre too much drawn into the instinct of being a dumb ape that they cant think rationally anymore and not aware of the fact that his ego is built upon the respect of immoral females who get off watching men fight and die so they can reproduce with the winning one (they would even prefer to do it on top of the corpse of the losing one).

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