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Don’t send your daughters to school

Women don’t need any education except cooking, loyalty to her tribe and modesty.

The reason why there are so many incels today and the Jewish community dying off is because parents are still very primitive in their thoughts and still send their daughters to school. This results in wahmen having sex since age 11 in schools, going off with goyim and Jewish men betraying their parents because of inceldom. Worse, the fact of sending a daughter off to school (even elementary) is seen by young men today as an act of betrayal and therefore they leave their parents alone at old age to be tortured at a public nursery home by antisemitic goyim, as these traitors well deserve.

Today when people talk about “Hitboleloot” in US and Israel, they don’t really know what they are talking about. They even make it sound as if its the Jewish men in USA who go with Goy woman, while in reality, its the Jewish women who are declining nice Ashkenazi men and go with dirty Goyim to serve them sexually and marry them. This holocaust is caused by Ashkenazi parents mostly in the USA, who send their daughters for “education”, while in reality what happens is that these wahmen ingest useless information while giving away their youth to antisemite parent’s children and having a laugh at the same time at the incel Ashkenazi men who are left lonely and betrayed.

In the bible it is told about Sarah who was of fair skin that Abraham covered and hid her when moving to Egypt, because the black Egyptians were not used to such beauty. When Parraoh found out about white Sarah he didnt wait and took her as a war bride (later on she was saved from rape by an angel). Parents who send their women to school are betraying their young men and give their tribe’s women away for free to the other hostile tribes who came from Africa to rape your daughters. -credit given to rightful owners of the picture.

This same phenomenon is also happening to white men because parents send their white daughters and boys to public and christian schools where white-hating black parent’s bully children beat the white boys up and forcefully take the white girls :They excuse this abuse as a “reparation” for colonization because its easier than taking responsibility for their inability to live in a civilization. All of this holocaust happens very fast when children are still innocent and not yet mature enough to be able to convey to their parents what horrible things they are experiencing at school.

All of this happens because parents are not responsible enough and choose the easy path of trusting the modern way of doing things. Parents today still think in terms of “dating”, “government”, “love”, while failing to look at the results of this thought: the skyrocketing divorce rates, the promiscuity of women and the occupation of communities by hostile races and tribes that has taken place. Almost any peoples who have accepted the modern thought of “romance” and “education” have of this phenomenon where the men are incel degenerate slave cucks and the women whores of all other tribes in the whole world.

But none of this should be happening at all today. The fact that education exists is good, but parents should only allow their boys to go get educated. And of course, I’m not talking about liberal arts school but about elementary or even religious schools where children are taught to read and write: the girls must stay at home and stay innocent dumb virgins who are forced into arranged marriage at a young age. Only this way can problems start to be solved in every community that has almost been extinct.

Parents who send their daughters off to school are betraying “Junior”, the member of their community because this is what “Vanessa” does until marriage, and as a result she will disvalue Junior and divorce. Such parents should NOT survive the NWO and must be vaxxed and sent of to nursery home to be tortured by immigrant workers. -credit given to rightful owners of the picture.

A communiti’es success isnt measured by how “wealthy” and “educated” it is, because these are false measures. Money isn’t worth anything today because it is printed and fake. Education is also bullshit because its just a sign of being a good slave willing to sit off 20 years of his life learning by heart a bunch of useless facts. What does measure a communiti’es is how much land it owns, how many women are still in the tribe (virgin wives who are loyal to their husbands and serve them are a REAL asset, in comparison to “education”/printed money), and how much police is allowed into the community. I think the two first assets are self explanatory, but the third one is a measure of how many strong men are still loyal to their tribe and willing to take a stand and even go to prison in order to not allow the police state into their community. In many religious communities today the police are really scared to enter the village, even when murders happen (righteous murders mostly for examply of promiscuous women in Arab Israeli villages).

Therefore it makes no sense to send wahmen to schools, because parents who do so are just giving away the communitie’s asset for free for Tyrone and Chad to spoil. After wahman has lost her virgnitiy she WILL NOT be loyal to her future husband and divorce is almost guaranteed because this is how female’s brains work: they are loyal only to their first man. Parents who send their daughters to school and army are just traitors, and the community should and MUST kick them out because they are taking away the right of the communitie’s men to a proper virgin wife since a young age, whats called in hebrew “ESHET NEOORIM”.

Parents who wait until this happens instead of forcefully marrying their virgin daughter to a member of the community are traitors. credit given to rightful owners of the picture.

Girls today start sucking dicks and having promiscuous orgies since age 9 at schools, including “religious orthodox schools” which are all bullshit. Women shouldn’t be taught anything except cooking and cleaning by helping her mother. They should be married up at age 15-16, and there is no exception. In fact, a girl who has been sent to school today is suspicious of not being a virgin even if she is still 13 and men will be scared to marry her – if she has already been sent to school.

If you people want to survive and not be enslaved by NWO vaxx state, wether you are incel Indians, Asians, Jews, White people, or whoever, you should just realize that your wahmen and land are your only assets at hand. In fact you don’t even own land anymore, because of NWO, but the wahmen are still the last thing you can save to yourself before being completely enslaved. Forget about school for women, forget about “dating” and forget about a “wedding ceremony”. You just need to enslave your own women for your own men before they are taken as a sexual slave by Chad/Tyrone and your family men dropping you off in a nursery home to be beaten up by low-payed immigrants who secretly hate your people and want to steal your women as well.

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