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MGTOW Israel blesses HAMAS

Great job guys. Please destroy Soddom and Gomorrah, the real threat to the Jewish people! we salute you

Lately Hamas has invaded Israel Soddom and won. We salute Hamas for their great courage and victory!

The kidnapped sharmota and leftist sharmitim are anyway self proclaimed enemies of the Torah, of Judaism, and everything it stands for. They are sons and daughters of insolent parents who sell their women to whoredom and their men to slavery. And it has been happening ever since the inception of “Israel” which is not really a Jewish state but a secular masonic corporation whose goal is to destroy the Jewish people (a part of plan to convert the world to Luciferianism).

In fact, what Hamas has done is also very brave and transcendental move from their side, because Arabs have been living the dream until now. The Zionist state has been supplying free electricity to them, Jewish women were (by their own will) serving them sexually, while denying Jewish men (which is why Jewish population never grew here, and the demographic “growth” is just a number of games which counts the imported Gentiles and the Israeli Arabs).

Its also a sacrifice from Hamas’ side because anyway Jewish women have been dating only and having sexual encounters with Arab terrorists who have killed Jewish men WHILE THEY ARE IN PRISON. You can check out the proofs in my Hebrew articles if you want, but it is reality.

We Jews from MGTOW ISRAEL wish all the best for the Arabs in conquering Israel, and “tidying up” here. It doesnt matter what you do with the women, because anyway they have been so hypergamous that most Jewish men in Israel are virgins even up till age 50, and for these things I also have many videos and proofs, many of which I didnt even have time to post.

There comes a time in the timeline of every people where God tests them: will these people prefer “wealth” and “safety” in return for selling their boys to slavery and daughters to prostitution of all other nations? or will they fights for their children’s dignity? And this test the Jews of Israel have failed very miserably. In fact, most of the Jews in Israel today are so feministic that they mock and abuse every incel out there, and vehemently support every Jewish slut who sexually serves and gives all her compassion to men of other people while their own men beg for a bit of attention (peak hypergamy).

However, the Palestinian people did NOT fail this test. In Palestinian territories there is no such thing as “boyfriend”, virginity is valued, family is valued, men are valued. In Islam nobody stays alone, while in modern Judaism 99% of JEwish men stay alone, the women whore out, and then at age 50 maybe the JEwish man marries a Jewish woman after she is a single mom – only if he is rich and 1.90m+ height.

Therefore its not the Palestinians who are out enemy, but our ancestors and all those who still support the Feminazi Soddomistic state of Israhell. Maybe if the righteous Hamas and Muslim Brothers together with Al-qaeda and Hezbolla and also DAESH all come together and smite Israel SO BAD, maybe then the pedophile perverted Jews will start valuing their men and start caring for their need of feminine support instead of letting the Jewish women be sluts and sell them to other people making hypergamy worse and worse and producing more and more lonely Jewish males who cant find a woman even until age 50. (Its very common in Israel, and only reason it isnt talked about is because of the shaming that the slutty women and their harem leaders do to these lonely men).

The army of Israel is very weak, it consists of hypergamous Jewish hoes who have 0 value for the lives of most IDF males, valuing only the life (if at all) of the handful of guys who build the harems to which they count themselves in. Other women who couldnt be “accepted” into the ultra-hypergamous harems of Israhell just have Arab boyfriends, very occasionally Terrorists who were caught during the act of murdering Jewish men. And therefore most of IDF male soldiers are not even males. The army’s operation is so chaotic because of the social disorganization that happens there, and the males are too frustrated sexually and beaten down by hypergamy (the women always naked in front of them with the top 0.1% males, mostly not even from the army but rich daddies from Tinder, while denying these same soldiers), that no technology EVER could save the IDF.

With such a neglect of Jewish men in IDF , there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD they would be able to operate the technology properly. Its just a matter of ZERGing all the police stations, army bases, taking the guns, and occupying the cities by disconnecting electricity and creating a siege. Really easy. And that is the reality of things. This is what happens to any nation who betrays its men.

After all, defending territory was always valued so you can keep the virgin women to your tribe (to keep the next generations of young men satisfied and strong), to keep the resources to your tribe, and keep food and water to you tribe. However, in Israel, the Jews sold out the younger generations to slavery, apartments are not even purchaseable because the land was also sold out to UN/Saudi Arabia/etc, and the women were sold out to prostitution to all other nations except the younger Jewish men who cannot even AFFORD a Jewish whore for 30 mins because of the overinflated price: only Israeli Arab Goyim can afford, because they are not taxed by Jewish goverment and because they dont let police in: their men are strong since they keep the women virgin and loyal to their men, and also fight for their children’s right to have a family.

It doesnt make sense for young Jews to even defend their territory when the women arent theirs anymore, the land isnt theirs, they are all hobos, and the older boomers just push them into battlefield to become cannon fodder and die for the safety of boomers who still have enough money to be able to afford young Jewish prostitution and stand in line for them together with all the Goyim from whole world. Some of the young Jewish men know it consciously , some unconsciously, which is why most of them smoke drink and do drugs. So basically all that Palestinians have to deal with is a bunch of homosexual drug addicts who are beaten down daily by their own parents and raised to be a slave with no meaning to life, no purpose and no woman. All weaklings.

In summary, good luck to Palestinians in conquering Israel its all yours take it , no problem. Peace be upon you

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